TV Options for Us with Limited Cable ie..The VAST WASTELAND

Well, I must admit, I am among those few pathetic TV viewers who do not have expanded TV channels. I’ve never seen Hunger Games, House Of Cards, Breaking Bad, or any of those other highly touted “must see,”  shows.

This is for a couple of reasons; foremost the cost, sheer lack of interest another. This dearth of options, forces one to select from slim pickins.

Tonight, for instance, after watching last night’s debate reviews on nearly every channel, I searched for other options, I did this:

1st channel ….NATURE….OK, great! right up my alley…..wait….”Following the harrowing 1st year in a baby Moose’s life in the Canadian Rockies”….Umm, bears the sounds of impending danger….not so much…

2nd channel….CNN….more rumination of last night’s debate… thanks, watched it live

3rd channel….Local news rerun of 5 o’clock’s rundown of murders..

4th channel….Another local news station….Yikes! more fires!

5th channel…Rerun of Fixer Upper….saw this episode 3 times already and this “cute” couple is getting on my nerves already.

Time to check my email…….

1 hour later……

Click…Nature Channel….”The baby Moose has made it through the winter, but is in even greater danger as her mother is pregnant now and must expel her from her life to raise the new baby….” Oh NO!! Seriously?

Click….Local channel….more wildfires…..

Click….CNN….Who won the debate? We  f—–g  know this already….it’s OLD news for Christ’s sake!!!

Jesus…..I am ready for it to be 11:00 already so I can sit back and enjoy Golden Girls reruns.


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