Dealing with Loss…..of your Cell Phone…

Could it be any more devastating….you reach for your cell phone and it’s not in your bag, your car, under your car seat, not any where in your home. You re-trace your steps… no avail. It’s GONE…..! Holy crap! NOW WHAT?

I’ll tell you what. Quick, call your carrier! Oh, wait….I can’t call anybody cause I don’t have a phone! You drive to your daughter’s house to call  your carrier who informs you that since you had no insurance (shit…I was sure I did),  you must now pay the full amount of the phone’s original price before you shell out the exorbitant price for the new one.

Wait? Was’t my phone free if I signed up for the 2 year contract? Nope, I must have misunderstood, that offer hasn’t existed in forever. Wasn’t forever just a year and a half ago when I got my new phone? Nope, you idiot, that was so yesterday.

So, I needed to pay the $400+ on the stolen phone, plus begin payments on my new phone (24/months at $25)  plus an activation fee, plus a fee to purchase the phone, (yes, there is a charge to actually purchase the phone) plus my normal fees….data, usage, taxes, etc.

Imagine going to Whole Foods and before checking out, the cashier tacks on $25 for the privilege to purchase food…..say what? Yep, folks that is what Verizon charges.

I ended up feeling like I’d had an enema. One which I had not agreed to.

Oh, and that function that allows your phone to be located by GPS “Find My Phone?”Turns out it only works if your phone is “ON,” so if it is not on, this function is disabled.












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