Eating for Dummies, or Don’t Eat that OR that!….

I tempted fate tonight and with reckless abandon, chomped into an ear of corn.

I know, I know, the non-GMO, non-organic  strain is likened to eating a literal pesticide store house. But I just so was jonesin’ for a good old fashioned corn-on-the-cob with some salt and pepper. I could not for the life of me, find any that was touted as GMO free, organic, so I gave up, caved, and bought an ear at the grocery store, actually, Trader Joe’s, that was neither non-GMO, nor Organic. Even buying from a farm-stand does not guarantee this pedigree. Farmer’s Markets usually offer these pure strains, but it is not always convenient to get there, and they are quite pricey.

How I long for the local farmstead’s variety a few miles out, where a dozen ears put me back a

$1.00. Right? Not that long ago? A former Midwest Girl, corn was king, and road-side stands were at nearly every intersection.

But, alas, it’s not just corn that’s become tainted, indeed, vandalized, frankensteined.So much of our food  has been so genetically modified as to not be even close to its earlier, original. Hence, the new pervasive Gluten intolerant generation that has sprung up among consumers. Wheat gluten, long been a natural and important component of most grains, has been so genetically modified as to be non-tolerated by millions of people, because their immune systems do not recognize, nor can metabolize it in its new modified state.

Did you ever know anyone, as a young person, who could not eat peanuts? It was so profoundly universally edible as to be distributed on airplanes and was a staple of most childhood lunches.

I recently visited a school playground/lunch area, where I noted a large sign:


WTF? Are you kidding me?

Who do we have to thank/demonize for this? Monsanto, for one. In the AGRI-BUSINESS that was  once was called “Farming” profits are KING. Wow….what a surprise. Why in the world allow a crop to grow naturally, succumbing to drought/insects/weather, to naturally take its toll? Tinker it with genetically modified crops to resist insects/drought/etc., all the while allowing these frankenstein crops to grow and flourish….never mind, that they do not resemble their former genetic makeup, hence, provide the same vitamins, minerals, and metabolic digestibility, notwithstanding. Food is food, right?

Not so much. The Agri-Business have ushered in a crop of food that does not resemble the foods you and I ate as children. They have become undigestible, as to have become foreign to out gut. Out immune systems perceive them as to be aliens, as they are indeed. This, because profits are KING.

Ancillary to this, is the fact that our insect friends also cannot recognize these aliens.The eco-syses that we share, do not and have not adapted to these genetically modified organisms and cannot fertilize as they would do normally, not to mention, that their numbers have declined markedly due to the pesticides routinely used, such as the dreaded Monsanto’s ROUNDUP. Routinely sold in grocery/hardware/Nursery stores, it has been found to be deadly to butterflies, bees, and other naturally pollinating insects. Good times for Monsanto. Bad times for the rest of the living PLANET.

This makes me sad, as well as really pissed off, because, though I can grow a few foods in My tiny garden, I cannot grow my entire food source. When will we realize until it’s too late, we MUST STOP this poisoning of our food source ?!






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