One Word: Eyebrows: There should be Two.

Ladies, I would not dream of using this forum to endorse any cosmetic product. I swear. That’s really tacky.

However, as it happens, and as part of the normal aging process, my brows have all but disappeared. Mind you, I am definitely NOT the vain type, and usually do not wear make-up at all. However, the disappearance of my eyebrows has given me a bit of concern, as their absence has become rather embarrassing. Eyebrows, as we all know, are an integral part of our facial expressions. I never looked surprised, or scared. No furrowing of brows to suggest confusion nor, anger. My face had lost its landscape, so to speak. I felt like a mime.

So, imagine my surprise (you’ll have to trust me on this one, as my lack of expression belies it) when I visited my daughter and was shocked to see her eyebrows had grown to huge hairy proportions.”WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE” ? I pointed? “Oh, these,” she casually replied…”I’ve begun using ?X&%+ to thicken my eyebrows.”

“WHAT?” “What are you using, some sort of GMO Fertilizer?” “No,”she quipped flippantly, just this…” She produced a small innocuous wand similar to  mascara, and said…”You must use it every single night or it won’t work,” she replied smugly.

“I promise, I WILL, I WILL” I insisted, while lunging for the little magic wand. “Just tell me where to get it!”My speedy little fingers eagerly ordered it online, right there on the spot.

Patiently, I awaited 3 weeks for flourishing  brows hoping for the look similar to an unmowed lawn. Alas, not a single tiny hair appeared, except for the unsightly ones  on my chin. Then, by week four, while meticulously plucking all the persistent unwanted facial hairs, I was stunned: Holy Cow, what was this? Thicker brows?? YES….new growth sprouted like weeds! Plus, they were darker!

I now am encouraged by this product, however, it is pricey. $60 per tube. But, it WORKS! How many of us can actually attest to a product that does what it promises?

While they are not as thick as I wish, I will be applying away until I need a week-whacker to thin them.  I am still not vain, however.



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