Size Matters….or….what??

So, does it surprise anyone that it has finally come to this?  With Trump offering nothing of substance in any debate so far, he finally has reached deep into his arsenal and come up with a winner…..he has a big dick! Well thank goodness for this information, as it surely will come into play during negotiations with, say Putin, who also suffers from this concern. While, personally, I’d rather see Putin shirtless, I am reassured about this coming straight from the horse’s (ass) mouth.

Does anyone else share the outrage over this sophomoric boys room bickering? While I cannot stomach watching these “playdates” among these boys, I have seen the “lowlights” on the news. This is truly a record of how low the bar has been set. Was a single issue debated by these stooges? This gives a whole new meaning to a “pissing match.” Can we even remotely imagine this dolt in any office of power , much less the Office Of the President of The United States???

This is a disgrace to all Americans, but, hopefully, will nicely hand the honor of the Presidency to an intelligent, informed, experienced professional to whom it must go.

Meantime, Trump needs to go join the circus….if they’ll have him. (He could sweep up the peanut shells….maybe with a little help.)




One thought on “Size Matters….or….what??

  1. Haha I seriously laughed out loud…AGAIN. Your writings are like little special chocolates that I look forward to unwrapping…thank you for the entertainment!!!

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