Stupid Floats

So, here we are debating about whether or not Trump should suck it up and participate in the GOP debate tonight. He opted out, being the chicken-shit he is, afraid of pointed questions he may face from the smart, perhaps antagonistic Fox reporter, Megyn Kelly.

Trump knows he cannot dodge her questioning, and scared to death he may face another showdown in which he will look like the idiot he really is. So, instead of facing the challenge, he decided to take his marbles and go home, citing she isn’t playing nice. What a freaking coward. His decision to hold a rally for veterans isn’t the philanthropic gathering he touts, and many vets have asked the question…..why hasn’t he addressed vet’s issues previously. Again, in his showmanship’s self-serving  fashion, he will abdicate his responsibility to the American people by holding a phony  rally ostensibly to “honor” the Vets. How dare he use these selfless individuals for his selfish purposes. Just shows the depths of his depravity.


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